Strategic Planning and Visioning

  • Position your organisation and teams to meet current and future challenges through the development of a clear and purposeful vision, and the alignment of strategic, and business goals.
  • Apply tools and processes such as: PEST (Political, Economic, Social and Technological) and SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats) analysis; scenario planning; vision and mission development; stakeholder and staff engagement; strategic and business planning.

Review and Evaluation

  • Track how effectively your organisation is performing and demonstrate your responsiveness by reviewing and evaluating programs, outcomes, outputs, policies, and the measurements of success.
  • Continuously improve and innovate in business practices, policies, people management and workplace culture.

Change Implementation

  • Build organisational agility by aligning to changing priorities through effective change management practices.
  • Prepare, develop and support staff to manage the implementation of changes to business practices, policies and culture.

Community Consultation and Engagement

  • Harness the power of the community to shape corporate direction, policies and business practices which address community concerns, and encourage greater community engagement and support.
  • Connect with your community through fora, workshops, fishbowls, presentations, and focus groups.

Stakeholder Consultation

  • Tap into the expertise, ideas and feedback of critical stakeholders to inform and shape business practices, build strong partnerships and achieve mutual goals.
  • Connect with your stakeholders through fora, workshops, fishbowls, surveys, presentations, and focus groups.

Conversation Events

  • Find out what others think by creating conversation, reflection and ideas spaces for your internal staff and external stakeholders to get together around specific topics of interest.
  • Engage through facilitated informal or formal conversation caf├ęs, workshops, fishbowls, and artistic and creative experiences.

Networking Events

  • Build better networks to enable effective business relationships to develop with customers, clients, industry colleagues and stakeholders
  • Host facilitated ‘issue focused’ or informal networking events around specific business interests.

Public Speaking

  • Looking for a keynote, conference or session speaker for a targeted, inspiring and thought provoking presentation? Talk to us! We can also refer you to other speakers of interest.

Conference Chairing and Emceeing

  • We are experienced conference chairs and emcees and have hosted several large and small conferences across Australia in a wide variety of industry settings. Using a professional facilitator, helps groups keep to their agenda and reach the outcomes they are seeking. We take great pride in getting to know the needs, context and background of your conference delegates to ensure a lively, well targeted, integrated and smooth running conference.